Video Squeeze Page

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Video Squeeze Page

Why Video Squeeze Pages Are Better For Your Marketing Efforts

This internet marketing blog about why video squeeze pages are better for your marketing efforts. Squeeze pages are used by almost all Internet marketers to get a hold of the market share. They are important because they bring to you your future.

If you are to succeed in marketing your product or somebody else’s product, you need a representative who can do the talking and convincing for you. Video squeeze pages can be your buddies who do the selling.


Well crafted video squeeze pages compel the visitor to sign up for the offer. This is the reason behind their massive conversions. Why is it they do better than other means?

1. A video gives more space to vent your thoughts. I have observed that many marketers often lack the skills to put all their thoughts in a convincing manner with text. This results in an unimpressive copy that does more harm than good.

2. A video automatically catches the eye. When a person is browsing pages, he sticks longer on a page that has a video. So if your page has a video then he is bound to check it out. This gives you a chance that text only pages don’t get.

3. It is all a matter of trust. A visitor is more likely to believe a person talking to him directly and not something written by what could be an unknown identity. Only a video can make that connect.

All that said, not every video squeeze page converts. It has to be well made. It should have the right kind of visual elements, the video has to made keeping the audience in mind, it should have a concept that addresses a problem and it should be properly edited.

The quickest way to get your page that will certainly make conversions is to get it made by an experienced professional. This way you don’t have to spend your time on making and testing your page while you are also certain of the results. The faster you set up your page, the better it will be to establish your brand.

How to Prepare Your Squeeze Page Message

Your squeeze page in most cases will go a long way in determining the degree of your online success!
This page is the most important tool you got to help you build a list so you want and need to clearly communicate your message.

Read on to see 3 very critical and often overlooked aspects of how to best stage the delivery of your intended squeeze page message!


Your squeeze page in most cases will go a long way in determining your online success since it is the most important tool you got to help you build a list. What we are addressing here today is how to ‘smooth’ out the rough edges that may still exist on any web pages you may use when developing an opt in list for your business.

Here are 3 areas to consider when composing and placing content for use on any web page in order to help you build a list to which you can promote!

Crystal Clear Message
You have a message to deliver and that is you want people to join your opt in list therefore you must focus on encouraging them to do so. Normally this is done with the offer of a free gift so focus on the gift and the benefits it will offer people who choose to opt-in. Be very clear about these benefits and also ‘exactly’ what visitors must do next in order to join your opt in list!

Concise As Possible
Along the same lines of delivering a crystal clear message keep what you have to say as brief as possible. The use of too many words can serve to distract and/or bore visitors which in either case will discourage them from leaving their contact information. Besides you only have one message to deliver so the volume of your content on this page needs only to be minimal at best!

Orderly Delivery of Message
It is very important to not overlook the ‘order’ in which you present the content on this page! Tell visitors the what, why and how of your intended message and in that order so as to Not confuse them. You want to immediately capture their attention and your offer of a free gift will help do just that. From there you speak about the benefits they will enjoy and then tell them ‘exactly’ what they must do to get their gift, which of course is to leave their contact information!

Remember your online success will be very dependent upon your ability to communicate clearly with people whether you are selling something or simply trying to build a list!

The effectiveness of your squeeze page will be closely related to the degree of online success you experience since you will depend upon it to help you build a list. Make no mistake, this component of your marketing strategy will always be in need of constant testing and tweaking but you want to at least lay a solid foundation! The 3 areas addressed above concern how to ‘deliver’ the all important message you will display in order to convince people to join your opt in list. By insuring that your message is clear concise and presented in a sensible way you give yourself the best chance at developing the opt in list you need to enjoy the online success you seek!

Video Squeeze Page